Ultra Sour by Wildlife, a Staff Review

I’ve been waiting a long time to write this review. The first strains that I would truly label as “craft” are available at Evergreen!

We are still waiting for BC micro producers to be available, but if this is any indication of what to expect then the future looks bright.

I sampled Ultra Sour by Wildlife. I was really hoping to give it a super positive / exciting / holy cow! review…. and that is exactly what I get to do.

I was hit with a very strong smell when I opened the package, the flavor was classic Ultra Sour, with the diesel aspect really popping out. It also reminded me of a Haze or Congolese. The buds were moist but not damp, a really nice cure. Tight and spongy.

They ground up beautifully. The smell got even stronger, there was no dust and nothing got stuck in the grinder teeth.

I packed half a gram into my PAX3 and got ready for the beach. My plan was to finish my book then take a quick dip before getting high and listening to tunes in the sun.

That didn’t happen. I was way too excited. I had the vape heating up (lowest setting) before I put down my blanket.

It was delicious. The vapor was strong and consistent, the flavor was exactly like the smell. I was immediately very high. Pure sativa buzz. Often when I jump in cold water I find myself instantly sober but when I jumped in the water the high held. I finished my book after the swim, which is big news as I normally find it hard to read after consuming. My focus was strong. The high lasted a long time and as a pleasant surprise wore off into a nice heavy stone feeling (probably the mk ultra mix as it is a cross of MK Ultra and Sour).

Craft has arrived.

Blue Dream by Tantalus Labs – A Staff Review

Blue Dream (Blueberry crossed with Haze) has been one of the all time most searched online and one of the most overall popular strains in recent history. While it may not be the right strain for everyone, there’s a good reason why it’s so popular. Personally, it gives me one of the best and most balanced highs of any strain I’ve tried. Consistently, after I smoke a joint or vape some, I have to stop about an hour later and think “Wow, I feel amazing, what was it that I smoked earlier?” The answer is almost always Blue Dream.

Tantalus grows a great Blue Dream. It’s smooth, tasty and very uplifting. Their “Sun Lab 1” facility in Maple Ridge BC is very impressive. I had the opportunity to tour the compound last year and I felt like I’d traveled into the future. The place is clean, fresh and very high tech. They recycle rain water, use sunlight as much as possible and filter air through a giant vat of wood chips. No wonder their product tastes and feels so natural and delicious.

The Tantalus Blue Dream I tried used to be fairly expensive but they have recently dropped the prices considerably without sacrificing any quality. It’s one of the best deals on the market, especially if you bulk up with the 15 gram packages.

Conclusion: If you want a great daytime/afternoon, sativa dominant strain that always makes me feel super creative, happy, relaxed and focused, give the Tantalus Blue Dream a try.

THC Biomed Indica Landrace – A Staff Review

I really enjoy this strain. I’ve had it a number of times before, and I love both the smoking experience and the effects. I also think it’s pretty cool to smoke a landrace – a strain that hasn’t been crossbred for many years and can be found in nature.

The aroma is a little earthy, gassy, with a note of mint. Sometimes when I grind it, a light sweet fruity aroma comes out. When I smoke it in a cone joint, there’s a nice ‘green’ flavour with a bit of the mint terpenes coming through. I find the strain both potent and relaxing.

The branding isn’t particularly creative (THC Biomed has been a medicinal producer before and after non-medical legalization), but that’s part of the charm. It’s a very reliable strain at a great price. I recommend it for a nice evening/nighttime of relaxation. It’s a great match for any chill activities.

Black Widow by Emerald Therapeutics – A Staff Review

I really enjoyed Black Widow. The nugs were cured nicely with a nice balance of moisture. The aroma had some strong herbal notes for me. Definitely a distinct aroma from the White Widow strains I’ve tried before.

I packed some 0.5 g cones to smoke it. The flavour had a nice bitter ‘bite’ that I like from White Widow. It was a smooth smoke with very little irritation on the throat.

The effects were quite strong with a nice balance of cerebral effects and body relaxation. I enjoyed a nice night after work relaxing and watching the original Dolemite flick. Great movie! I recommend this strain for a nice evening of relaxation connecting with a good movie or listening to music.

Siren by Ankr Organic – A Staff Review

Smells like a very strong cheese with some earthiness.

Once ground up it had a way fresher smell. Lots of pine.

Vaped in my Pax3. It had a very potpourri-like flowery flavour and scent. I was very, very high. The sativa is very obvious in this strain. While I wasn’t bouncing off the walls with energy I was very happy and focused. I very much felt this buzz in my brain.

This is the best price I’ve seen for an organic strain yet. The company lists it as “Grown using certified-organic practices, and rooted in nutrient-rich living soil”, the packaging is made of recycled plastic and it comes with a boveda pack to ensure freshness.

Dark Star by High Park – Staff Review

High Park always delivers solid quality. When I opened the package I was instantly hit with a strong fruity aroma. Although it was only packaged two weeks ago I was surprised to see how dry the buds were – proof again that packaging date is not as important as the seal on the container. I re-hydrated it with a dewbie stone then filled my Pax 3 vaporizer and turned it on the lowest setting.

It had a very earthy flavor with a scotch-like peaty aftertaste. I was hit with an extremely heavy stone immediately after consuming. It was very much in my head and I was extremely relaxed if not fully couch locked. No munchies and when I went to bed I had a nice deep sleep.

We only have a limited supply so I recommend this to a regular indica smoker who wants to change it up and try something new.

Lighten The Mood – A Staff Review of Watermelon Zkittlez by Tenzo

I was fairly impressed by Tenzo’s Watermelon Zkittlez. It’s got a sweet, peppery, citrus smell with slight earthy undertones. I personally thought it smelled more like a Sativa, but it’s actually a quite complex, Indica leaning Hybrid.

I smoked it in a joint, early in the evening and found it functional and relaxing, but also lightly sedative. It puts you in a great mood, while helping you wind down for the night. It burned really nicely and had a sweet, almost candy like taste followed by subtle berry flavours.

The buds are fresh and large with lots of gorgeous trichomes and colours. Tenzo also has some of the best packaging I’ve seen on the market. Petite and discrete, but holds an entire eighth perfectly. I’d recommend this strain to anyone from a novice smoker, to an experienced powerhouse.

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As Sweet As It Is Sour – A Staff Review of LTRSR by Re-Up

As soon as I opened the seal, I could smell the sour fragrance with notes of pine, citrus, and pepper.

I was impressed by the large, spongy buds packed right to the brim of the container. Brilliant lime green in colour with light orange hairs.

My method of consumption was the Pax 3. Using ‘flavour mode’, I was able to really get a pure taste of the terpenes. It is my favourite strain to use with the Pax to date.

The high was long-lasting. I felt focused, introspective, and alert. I noticed a nice body sensation accompanied by a powerful cerebral lift. For me, this is the perfect strain for reading, doing dishes, or working out.

For being a budget buy, it certainly isn’t a budget high.

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