Kief, also called dry sift hash, is simply trichomes (the “crystals”, or “powder”, coating the plant – resinous glands that contain
THC) sifted from the plant without any additional processes.

When dry sift hash is pressed using heat, it releases resin from those glands, creating a block that can then be manipulated into
balls or ‘snakes’. It can also take on darker colouring depending on different variables.

Hash Rosin is made in a similar fashion to pressed hash, but intense heat & pressure are used, rendering a more sticky, resinous
product. Flower Rosin presses full buds rather than just kief, resulting in a less potent, potentially more flavourful rosin.

Live Rosin undergoes the same dry sift, high-heat/high-pressure process as Hash & Flower Rosin, but the source plant is frozen
before it cures, which preserves terpenes, and halts resin glands while they are still ‘live’. The result is a more flavourful,
‘premium’ experience.

“Live Resin” suggests the same frozen, fresh plant material undergoes a solvent-based extraction process, as opposed to
solvent-less “Rosin”. Butane is generally the solvent used. There are many ways Live Resin can be presented.

Imagine ‘globs’ of Live Resin surrounded by a terpene-rich oily bi-product of the heat/pressure process. You can also use the oil
to enhance other cannabis rituals!

Both the Live Resin & its oily bi-product are whipped together, creating a flavourful, bonded concentrate that is easier to
manipulate than Live Rosin.

Shatter differs from Live Resin in that the solvent-based extraction process is applied to cured flower rather than frozen, fresh
flower. It creates a brittle, glassy substance, hence the name.

Diamonds contain THC at significant purity, and are potentially the strongest cannabis product available. Since they are close to
pure THC, they may not contain similar amounts of terpenes than other concentrates, and are therefore more geared towards
potency rather than flavour. Diamonds are also a solvent-based concentrate.

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