Portland Hotel Society
All proceeds from our branded merchandise are a fundraiser for PHS to help out the Downtown East Side.
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Our 100% bamboo rolling trays
We ask for a donation of $5 for PHS, but you can pay whatever you like!
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It's a Wrap!
Try a new way to roll with our slow-burning herbal blunt wraps

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Evergreen Branded Merchandise​

100% of donations for Evergreen branded merchandise goes directly to support the Portland Hotel Society.

Click here to learn more about how ECS supports PHS.

Our hefty, noteworthy bongs are made with high-quality thick glass. Come with downstem and removable bowl.

Our 510 threaded vape battery is compatible with all 510 cartridges. Includes rubber stylus tip.

Our rolling trays are back, and a little bigger this time around.

Don’t toss your butts! Our pocket ashtrays are smell-proof, airtight, and made out of 100% second-use plastics. 

Handy for cracking open those street legal drinks!


Our bamboo grinder won’t gunk up on you, lose teeth or fall apart like some other wooden grinders you’ve had in the past.

Our metal grinders are the real deal – no chippy paint, no flimsy teeth, and a strong magnet. 


Available in various colours.

4-Tier Grinder

Sturdy 4-tier grinder with kief catcher. Available in a variety of colours.

Suggested donation: $5

No need for lighter fuel to inhale. Rechargable coil-based lighter. Like a car lighter!

Available in black, silver, gold, blue, or red.

A standard Bic. Timeless, a classic.

Guaranteed to receive a cheeky “I love your bag, where’d you get it!” from behind our counter when you bring it in-store.


pax premium vaporizers

The second generation PAX. Powerful and remarkably battery efficient. Designed for use with dry herb material. The acclaimed portable vaporizer is beautifully-crafted, easy-to-use and low-profile.


A true dual-use vaporizer for dry herb and extract. Elevate your vapor experience to the highest degree with industry-leading heat technology, extended battery life, and a 2X powerful oven.


A revolution in extract vaporization, this pen-and-pod system stands above all others.  Created using cutting edge technology and the highest quality components.  Reliable and super sleek.

Now only $24.97

pax vaporizer accessories

PAX Multi-tool Keychain

Perfect for packing and cleaning your PAX oven or removing the mouthpiece


PAX Concentrate Insert

Adapter for vaping concentrates in your PAX2 and PAX3


PAX USB Charging Dock

Magnetic USB charger compatible with PAX2 and PAX3



2 pack of replacement flat top mouthpieces for your PAX2 and PAX3

Magnetic oven lid, compatible with PAX2 and PAX3

concentrate accessories

Glass Dab Tool

Glass dabber tool. Available in an variety of colours.


Dab Torch with Pistol Grip and Adjustable Flame


Yocan Loaded
Dab Pen

Features an extendable mouthpiece, side loading technology, quartz dual or quad coil, removable, magnetic dual compartment silicone container


Randy's Echo Dry Herb Vaporizer

A discreet Dry Herb portable vaporizer with a rapid heat up time, can heat up to maximum temperature setting in approximately 30 seconds.


smoking accessories

OCB Organic Hemp Papers Regular Size

Finest quality, slow burning, all natural 


OCB Organic Hemp Papers 1.25 Size

Finest quality, slow burning, all natural 


OCB Organic Hemp Papers King Size

Finest quality, slow burning, all natural 


Kush Hemp Wraps

2 slow-burning herbal wraps, made from industrial Canadian hemp


RAW Organic Hemp Filter Tips

Natural filter paper



Wooden Dugout

Comes with one hitter pipe, in various styles, shapes and colours




Glass Water Pipe

Water cools the smoke for a smoother draw. Assorted styles, shapes and sizes



Glass Spoon Pipe

Clean, classic and pocket sized,  in assorted colours, shapes and sizes



One Hitter

Small and discreet. Perfect for a quick solo smoke or a hit on the go



misc gear

Pipe Screens

1 inch silver screens can be cut down to fit smaller bowls. 

Pack of 5 screens


Nag Champa Incense

The classic scent covers up unwanted odours and leaves a pleasant fragrance


Organic Hemp Wick

20 feet of organic hemp fibers and beeswax. Burns at a lower temperature than a butane-fueled lighter which provides a smoother and more enjoyable experience


Randy's Pipe Cleaners

Perfect for cleaning your pipe, bong or vaporizer


Dewbie Stone

Requiring only water to recharge, this Canadian-sourced, kiln-fired clay creates a hard yet porous stone that works FAST to rehydrate your cannabis in minutes


Regular Rolling Machine (70mm)

Fits regular size rolling papers


1¼" Rolling Machine (79mm)

Fits 1¼” size rolling papers


King Size Rolling Machine (110mm)

Fits king size rolling papers


Volcano Grinder by Storz & Bickel

From the makers of the Volcano vaporizer, this may be the best plastic grinder ever made! Don’t be fooled by all the knock-offs. German craftsmanship makes a difference.


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