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  • Only two (2) customers permitted into the store at a time.
  • Please do not shop in pairs.
  • Give each other adequate personal space (at least 2 meters/6 feet) while in the store and/or in line outside.

Cash is being accepted, but CREDIT, DEBIT, APPLE PAY or CREDIT CARD PHONE PAYMENT is still preferred. 

*Please also be advised that inventory does change quickly, please keep alternative selections in mind, just in case. If a product is sold out, you will be contacted for an alternative.

We have Identified rules and guidelines for how workers should conduct themselves and clearly communicated them to our workers through a combination of training and signage, including:

  • Thorough hand washing with soap and water for minimum 20 seconds at least every hour, or whenever entering or re-entering the store, also after touching money or customer I.D.
  • Maintaining as small a social contact circle as possible while avoiding events or areas with crowds when outside the shop
  • Wearing proper face covering when in close contact with the public
  • Prohibiting visitors in the workplace
  • Staying home if experiencing any Covid-related symptoms, if they think they have been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid or has travelled outside the country
  • Avoiding the sales floor (customer area) when possible and assisting from behind the barrier
  • Keeping minimum 2 meter social distance from co-workers and customers on the sales floor (whenever possible) and wearing proper face covering while in the sales floor area
  • Using the same POS tablet, as well as other equipment during their shift and disinfecting all equipment after use
  • Wearing supplied nitrile gloves when handling inventory or touching money from customers
  • Following a posted daily cleaning and disinfecting schedule for all high-contact surfaces

The following high-contact surfaces have been Identified for our daily schedule of cleaning and disinfecting:

  • Point of Sale and Media Tablets
  • Cash Drawers and trays
  • Sales Counter Tops
  • Debit Machines
  • Front Door and Handles (in/out)
  • Cupboard and Drawer Handles
  • Bud Sample Pods
  • All shop floors
  • Record Player, Subwoofer and amplifier
  • Display Doors and Handles

If you would like to reserve your order by phone, please first refer to our online menu to make your selections (product & quantity.)

Give us a call at 604-900 -1714 between the hours of 9am and 10pm (cutoff is one hour before closing).

To reserve your order online, please follow these steps:
1. Refer to our online menu for the current product selection and send your order to us through our email form located in the site’s contact section.
2. Please complete all fields and include your telephone number in the message field if you wish to pay by phone and/or receive a phone call when your order is ready. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO.

3. Once your order is filled, we will confirm it by email or phone call, after which you will have 2 hours to pick it up.

online menu may differ from in-store availability and price

sativa dominant joints

Blue Dream
• 3 Pack - Standard


by Tantalus Labs

THC: 14 – 20%


3 x 0.5g - $14.97

Sativa Aces
• 2 or 5 Pack - Standard


by Aurora

THC: 12 – 22%


2 x 0.5g - $10.97
5 x 0.5g - $25.97

Cold Creek Kush
• 10 Pack - Small


by Redecan

THC: 15 – 20%

10 x 0.35g - $25.97

Chocolate Fondue
• 5 Pack - Standard


by DNA Genetics

THC: 18 – 23%

5 x 0.5g - $31.97

Hybrid joints

Blend 14
• 3 Pack - Standard


by Canaca

THC: 12 – 17%

3 x 0.5g - $14.97

Indica dominant joints

WPP (Wappa)
• 2 Pack - Large


by RE-UP

THC: 9 – 14%


2 x 1g - $12.97
Now only $10.97

Indica Aces
• 2 or 5 Pack - Standard


by Aurora

THC: 15 – 19%

2 x 0.5g - $10.97
5 x 0.5g - $25.97

Pink Kush
• 3 Pack - Standard


by Pure Sunfarms

THC: 18 – 23%

3 x 0.5g - $11.97

BC Organic SFV OG Kush
• 3 Pack - Standard


by Simply Bare

THC: 17 – 23%


3 x 0.5g - $25.97

God Bud
• 10 Pack - Small


by Redecan

THC: 13 – 17%


10 x 0.35g - $23.97

• 10 Pack - Small


by Redecan

THC: 14 – 19%

10 x 0.35g - $23.97

White Crush
• 10 Pack - Small


by Journey

THC: 18 – 23%


10 x 0.3g - $31.97

high cbd joints

Harlequin (2:1 CBD:THC)
• 3 Pack - Standard


by Tantalus Labs

CBD: 4-9%

THC: 2-6%


3 x 0.5g - $13.97