Hash Rosin by Good Buds – A Staff Review

This is the second product I’ve tried from Good Buds. I loved their Live Hash (White Glookies), and this product didn’t disappoint either. This was my first time to try Hash Rosin. Hash Rosin is a sappy concentrate that’s ‘squished’ from small batch, certified organic indoor nugs. The aroma has very strong pine terpenes, with sweetness kicking in at the tail end. The texture was a little ‘greasy,’ which wasn’t very hard to work with.

I tried both smoking and vaping the Rosin. For smoking, I rolled a half gram cone and smudged the Rosin on the outside with my dab spoon. It stuck to the paper really well, and I could gently smooth the Rosin out to get a fairly even distribution. I also tried some in my PAX concentrate insert. It vaped very nicely on 3/4 setting. It produced a nice amount of vapor and I could taste the sweet pine terpenes. Next time I’ll try it on 2/4 setting. I have a feeling it’ll vape nice on a lower setting as well.

I got nice, relaxing effects that were similar to the Live Hash I tried from Good Buds. It’s a very potent product and I highly recommend it for experienced users.

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