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Evergreen Cannabis Store (ECS) is officially Vancouver’s very first licensed recreational cannabis retail establishment, having received Provincial approval on December 24th, 2018. 
Prior to that, Evergreen was also one of the city’s first retail stores to receive a license from the Vancouver municipal government to sell medicinal cannabis.
Since then, we continue to be regarded as one of the friendliest, most knowledgeable and highest quality cannabis re-sellers in BC, with an unwavering commitment to providing our customers with the best available, laboratory-tested and government-approved products.

In addition to our current selection of cannabis flower, concentrates, vape carts, pre-rolls, edibles, capsules, oils and sprays, we carry some of the best dry herb cannabis vaporizers on the market. Our selection includes the industry-leading PAX 3PAX 2, PAX ERA and our entry-level vaporizer models, the Randy’s Zipp and the Randy’s ECHO, along with a variety of other cannabis-related accessories.  Please view our online MENU for availability and pricing.

Located in the heart of beautiful Kitsilano, classic vinyl records can be heard spinning throughout the day as we welcome you in to visit us during regular business hours, daily from 9am – 11pm, where you will be greeted in a friendly and respectful manner, by our staff who will do their best to answer any questions that you may have concerning this new and exciting legal industry.
At Evergreen, we strive to work together with not only our community, but all levels of government, to better educate and inform the public about safe and enjoyable cannabis products and their usage.
Please feel free to call us or visit our store in person, and stay updated on all the latest news and information, via our social media pages on Instagram and Twitter
Our website is proudly hosted in Canada.

Our expert staff possess a combined experience of over 20 years in the cannabis industry and we are thrilled to share that knowledge with you.  We want to make sure you have the safest, most enjoyable cannabis experience possible, each and every time you visit us.


At Evergreen, we will never sell you something that we don’t believe you will enjoy.  Our rotating selection is always carefully curated based on high quality at great prices, so you needn’t waste time and money on items that are not a good value for your dollar.

Vancouver's FIRST retail cannabis store™ in the heart of Kitsilano

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