Take a bite out of some Space Cake!


Space Cake is a new offering from Delta9, which I chose strictly because of its name.

It fondly reminded me of my trip to Europe many moons ago, where, when in Amsterdam, I tried some of their local Space Cake (a round bunt cake made with hash, mmmmm!), and it basically had the same effect – total relaxation after some leisurely activity.

While the lineage is unknown, some have it pegged as a cross between Girls Scout Cookies and Snow Lotus, and it’s supposed to be a Indica-leaning hybrid. I very much concur.

Straight out of the packaging the buds are covered with crystals, making it look like it was dipped in icing sugar, which makes sense considering the mild, sweet aroma it gives off.

Upon grinding it up, I noticed how fluffy it was, which boded well for my oncoming experience. Who doesn’t like fluffy cannabis?

Having packed it into my PAX 3 for my walk home, I anticipated only good things.

I usually take between 5-10 pulls to get what I believe it a good sample of the bud inside, and it came on quite nicely, no heaviness, but rather a bit of an energy boost as my usually 20-minute walk home stretched to easily over an hour as I meandered down by the beach. I wanted to stay outside and experience the world as the Space Cake did its thing. With Bob Marley serenading me, it was a wonderfully, chill, happy experience.

Upon arriving at home, I poured myself a tall glass of juice, grabbed some trail mix and settled into my recliner, still hanging with Bob.

I have no clue how long I was in my chair, but the juice was magically gone with only crumbs left of my snack and Bob still wailing away in my ears. I didn’t do very much once I planted myself, but hey, who cares, I super-chilled, got up, brushed my teeth and crawled into bed, nice and slow.

So, Space Cake is a winner if you want to start out functionally, and then languish in relaxation mode for a while afterwards. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was a really enjoyable experience, so grab some while we still have it, because, really, who doesn’t want to sink their teeth into some Space Cake!


PS – Thanks for Bob Marley for hanging out with me. Good vibes only!

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