here's what folks are saying about Evergreen

"You guys were SO nice to a novice buyer like spent time with me, explaining the different strains, the oils, capsules...oh..btw..I slept like a baby, and hubby was ..and IS THRILLED with the quality of the Pink Kush, thanks fellas, I WILL be you have just the oil that is in those popular capsules? Thanks again, you guys were Awesome!👌😀" 
"I love this place ~ staff are extremely helpful, you know everything comes from legit sources and I've never felt rushed. They always take the time to help each customer."
"My first legal purchase ever was made pleasantly smooth by these super friendly guys! They answered all my questions without sounding frustrated despite my glaring lack of knowledge and quickly set me up with a great strain i am thoroughly enjoying, thanks heaps!"
“Great store, great experience. The staff was super knowledgable, selection was great, outstanding prices IMHO. I would recommend this place to anyone.”
“Awesome. Legal. Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff. Product is top grade. Cash and credit/debit. Really impressed and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ❤”
“Exceptionally friendly/educated environment, with a variety of strains to choose from.”
“Great customer service and always happy to help”
“Great product super helpful staff and decently priced..”
“Very nice and inviting store. Nice layout of product and pricing, but a bit small if more then a couple people trying to shop at once. Staff were very nice and helpful to my needs, also friendly”
“Staff has lots of knowledge and the products are fantastic quality. I recommend this dispensary for anyone looking for a modest vibes and good service. These guys know their stuff!”
“What a spot. They answered all my questions and really knew their stuff!!!”
“Staff here is super friendly, has answers to any and all questions, the BEST weed i've consumed by far. In terms of price I think it's pretty fair considering how amazing the quality is every time, whenever I buy from here I know I'm in for some good kush. Definitely check this place out if you're primary interest is bud quality, I promise!.”
“This is a great little shop down on 4th ave 🙂 The atmosphere is comfortable and the product is awesome!”
“What a amazing place”
“I love going to this place, they always make you feel welcome and are very knowledgeable about the products.”
"This is a wonderful mom n pops type store with great bud. Highly recommended if you're in the area"
“Super friendly, great deals, down to earth advice and recommendations. Best in kits!”
“They have a great selection of products, they carry a wide variety without bombarding you with too many choices. They're very helpful and the atmosphere is pretty great. You can relax and listen to the great music while looking at some pretty neat art from local artists or pop in and out of the shop.”
“Great store very helpful staff.”
"Best dispensary around by far. Staff are friendly and informative and the weed is always top quality. Great store!"
“great business run very well”
“This place has a lot of things going for them: It is perfectly located in kits, it has a well balanced and diverse selection of strains and products, it is very fairly priced, the quality of their products is outstanding and consistent, and the store is always playing great music. Moreover they provide free wifi and a sweet set of tables for you to sit, chill or work whilst having some tea or popcorn. But above all else, the people that work here are remarkably welcoming, generous and good hearted. It is a store but also a community. Here you won't be a number, they'll learn your name. Best dispensary I've been in by far.”
“Consistent & excellent product. Friendly, knowledgeable, and genuine staff. Very clean and welcoming cafe style inside.”
"I wandered in on a whim one day, and now I'm a regular. Super friendly staff. Warm, welcoming atmosphere. Great range in a variety of cannabis products. I highly recommend Evergreen! :)"

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