THC Biomed Indica Landrace – A Staff Review

I really enjoy this strain. I’ve had it a number of times before, and I love both the smoking experience and the effects. I also think it’s pretty cool to smoke a landrace – a strain that hasn’t been crossbred for many years and can be found in nature.

The aroma is a little earthy, gassy, with a note of mint. Sometimes when I grind it, a light sweet fruity aroma comes out. When I smoke it in a cone joint, there’s a nice ‘green’ flavour with a bit of the mint terpenes coming through. I find the strain both potent and relaxing.

The branding isn’t particularly creative (THC Biomed has been a medicinal producer before and after non-medical legalization), but that’s part of the charm. It’s a very reliable strain at a great price. I recommend it for a nice evening/nighttime of relaxation. It’s a great match for any chill activities.

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