Before your visit to the Evergreen Cannabis Store, it helps to brush up on your cannabis product knowledge, especially if you're new to cannabis retail. We know that you may have a lot of questions and we definitely have a plethora of knowledge that we would love to share with you, however, we shudder to think about the people waiting behind you in line while you get your learn on. The internet contains lots of basic info that you can easily learn from a couple of quick google searches, or you can peruse our FAQ section for specific info. Some great basic info to get you started would be: What are cannabinoids? What's a strain? In what forms is cannabis sold? (ie: dry flower, capsules, oils).

advanced stuff

Now that you have a grasp of the basics (Sativa vs Indica, what does "Hybrid" mean?, etc.), there's some slightly more advanced information you may be ready for.
For instance, "Terpenes vs Cannabinoids".
Scientific research suggests that higher THC percentage does not necessarily mean a better or even a stronger effect. The terpene profiles seem to dictate more of the effects of cannabis than just the THC and CBD levels. It's possible that the combination of certain profiles (or levels) of terpenes combined with certain profiles of cannabinoids may be the determining factor of how the cannabis makes you feel. Because legalization is so new, the research is still being done on the exact science of these particular subjects, however, we are of the mind that if you smell a certain scent that is akin to (a) certain terpene(s) in cannabis and you like the smell, the general consensus is that you are likely to enjoy the effect of said terpene. This is the reason we provide "smell jars" which let you sniff the terpene scent in each strain before you decide what to purchase. This way you can "follow your nose" to the right strain. We also research and list the main terpenes for each of our available strains of flower to help you decide. So don't just go by THC percentages as there is a lot more to the equation of finding the right strain for you.

further information

It is well known that cannabis flower is vastly improved by way of a long and meticulous aging process called "curing". Properly cured cannabis can increase the potency of the terpenes, emboldening the flavour profile, resulting in a smoother taste and a more balanced effect. The best way to cure cannabis is in glass containers which are air tight, in a cool dark area, only breaking the seal for a few minutes every 24 hours (or so) to let in a bit of fresh oxygen. The cannabis we sell at Evergreen is all professionally cured before it is packaged to retain a strong terpene profile while keeping the low moisture threshold of less than 15% humidity. The low humidity level ensures that unwanted microbes such as mold and mildew cannot form on the flower during transit and is a government safety regulation. If the flower you purchase seems to be drier than you prefer, not to worry, we also sell an incredible product called the "Dewbie Stone" which will restore cannabis to ideal moisture levels in minutes without damaging the precious terpenes and flavanoids.

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